VT-100 Tracking Mount

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The VT-100 is one of Vision Engineering Solutions’ flagship products that represent over 20 years of experience both in the field and in the lab. This tracking system fulfills pointing, tracking, imaging, and sensing needs, across a broad range of applications. The mount can support up to 400 pounds of payload distributed over its 6 modular mounting faces, and is capable of running at a maximum velocity of 90 degrees per second.


A slip ring with power and gigabit Ethernet gives it the capability to have unlimited azimuth rotation, and eliminates cable wrap issues. Its low mass and dimensions make it easily transportable by land, sea, or air. Given its 26-bit pointing resolution, tracking accuracy can be on the order of one micro-radian.


The VT-100 was designed for use in harsh environments. It is built out of aircraft grade aluminum, with stainless steel members and fasteners, and is finished in powder coating or epoxy paint. The VT-100 tracker sets the standard for tracking fast-moving dynamic objects on the ground, in the air, or in space.


  • Very high power-to-payload ratio for wind stabilization and performance
  • Linear amplifiers to eliminate switching noise
  • 6 modular payload mounting faces
  • Brushless AC direct drive motors increase reliability and performance with limited maintenance
  • Angular resolution of 26 bits
  • Custom electronics to increase reliability and speed
  • Unlimited azimuth rotation through a slip ring with power and Gigabit Ethernet capability

Custom Gimbal Control

  • Integrates with PMCS™ gimbal control software for mount control in manual and automatic modes
  • Human-machine interface with mode-select buttons and drive knobs/pedals (joystick or gamepad optional)
  • Allows for external inputs for mission-adaptability: designation by radar, telemetry, or external computer
  • Programmable knobs and foot-switch controls to maximize user functionality


The VT-100 was designed for use in humid and harsh environments

  • Integrates with PMCSTM gimbal control software
  • Aircraft-grade epoxy paint or power-coat (customer choice)
  • Aluminum 6061 components
  • Stainless steel strength-members and fasteners
  • Operable in environments 0°C – 50°C (customizable)



Tracking Error*






Torque, Peak (nominal)

26 bits

<20μrad RMS @ 10°/sec





-20° to +95°

319 Nm / 235 lb-ft

  * Extremely low error achievable at low tracking speed

Design Specifications


The VT-100 includes a transformer and amplifier lineup

  • 220 VAC, single-phase, 60Hz power input
  • 110 VAC, 60Hz available on-platform

Pedestal Type






Elevation Axis

Direct-drive, Elevation over Azimuth

Motors Brushless AC

Fail-safe brakes and over-travel bumpers

~500 lb (nominal)Payload Up to 400 lb, distributed

10 x ½in screw clearance holes R10.83in

41.96in above base

Available Options

  • Video tracker, recorder and analysis software
  • Environment/performance customization available
  • Transportable pedestal platform
  • Absolute Inertial Referencing System Interface
  • Enclosed transport trailer (internal control station optional)
  • Custom sensor design
  • Optics and sensor selection and testing

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VT-100 Tracking Mount

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